JetX at Casino: How to play, place your bet and win rocket bonuses!

The newest hit among of casino games, the JetX Bet game has become very popular in the world. It's also known as the "little rocket game" is very easy to understand and start playing.

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What makes the JetX casino game more fun and exciting? It is the possibility of winning real money when you play the JetX. Aim of the game is to cash out before the the little rocket explode. So you need to understand the basic mechanics of play and rules of the game.

The JetX game has quick game rounds and can be played at any time. It has high RTP of 97.00%, and a simple interface, so you don't need to learn by heart the game rules to get your first JetX winnings.

JetX – Novo jogo Crash Game no Brasil 2024

JetX Bet game is simple crash game from SmartSoft Gaming, a company founded in 2015. It is well known for the games it has developed and maintaining the quality.

What makes the new online game special is that it differs greatly from classic slot machine games. With a futuristic and innovative look, you control when you want to leave and you can define a strategy.

Name of the GameJetX - JetiX - Rocket game
Type of the GameCrash game
ProviderSmartSoft Gaming
Year of Launching2018
Mobile versionYes
ReliabilityProvably Fair

How the JetX crash game works

The game consists of following the fly path of the rocket, while it rises. The value of your winnings goes up and you can manually withdraw the bet you placed at any time by collect button. When the rocket explodes the game is over and if you have any open bets, you lose the amount wagered.

So we can say that your aim is to cash out your bets before the rocket explosion and with as many winnings as possible. For this you have to rely on a bit of luck, as you never know when the rocket will fall. And this makes it very exciting and challenging for players.

jetx bet
how to play jet x
jet x how to play faq

JetX Bet is very simple to understand and doesn't have many requirements to fulfil. The main rules to play JetX of the game are:

  • You can place up to two bets per round in one click.
  • Wagers can be placed from R$0.10 up to R$100.00.
  • As it's a casino game, you have to be over 18 to play.
  • To read the rules of the process, click on the "Information" icon in the top right-hand corner.
game Information

A positive point for the gaming experience is its Return to Player (RTP) of 97.00%, which is the percentage of the money that is expected to be won from the stake. As usually, classic slot games have an average RTP of 96.00%, so JetX is considered above average.

SmartSoft Gaming, which is one of the biggest expert in the field of gambling casino software, also has the task of guaranteeing the security and honest outcome of its games through blockchain technology, which cannot be cheated. When you play at JetX betting you'll be safe.

Main features

JetX Bet has the main feature is that gambling enthusiasts are in control of the situation and can leave the round at any time. The game also has other unique features, which we'll find out more about in a moment.

Modern layout and sound design

JetX graphics

One of JetX's innovative features is its modern layout. Even with 2D graphics the design of the rocket going into space is very attractive, and the 8-bit soundtrack adds excitement of playing the game.


JetX bonus

JetX game has many advantages for users, one of which is promotions for playing. Many online casinos that have the game offer bonuses to users and give them more chances to play and win prizes.

Automatic betting

in-game betting interface jetx

Another positive feature of the game allows players to automatically place bet and pre-set the cashout. To exit your auto bet  and not waste any time, just wait for the bet multiplier to reach the desired value and the wager will close automatically.

For example, you've placed an automatic bet and pre-set it to come off at 2.00. If the rocket doesn't explode at these odds, your bet will be settled without having to click collect button.

Double betting

interface for multi-betting in the game

Each round you can place up to two stakes. And you can take the bets off at different times. You can define strategies for this, such as using one to cover the other, or leaving one bet to go for a jackpot.

History and statistics

player's interface and betting history

It is also a good idea to view betting game history and match statistics in the right-hand column.

Game Chat

Game Chat

In the game you'll find a in-game chat room where you can communicate with other players at any time, exchange experiences  and, of course, cheer on their best JetX bets.

The chat option can be found in the right-hand column below

Demo version

If you don't want to start playing for real money or don't know how it works, you can try out the demo version of JetX. In addition to the best casinos that offer the demo mode, you can also try out the free demo version on the official SmartSoft Gaming website.
The demo version is only suitable for testing game before playing for real mode using, improve your chances of winning and learning how to play, as it doesn't require real money and doesn't award real money prizes.

Strategies to win at JetiX

JetX and "how to play" can be a little tricky to win for experienced players who don't have a defined strategy. It can be unprofitable for you, so the first step is to find a betting way and here are some suggestions.

interface for multi-betting in the game

Betting high on a low multiplier

One of the primary tactics is to wager a substantial sum and ensure that the rocket does not ascend excessively, in order to prevent the risk of it detonating and resulting in the loss of all your funds. By following this strategy you win little by little, but you don't run as many risks.

estratégia jetx

Betting low on a high multiplier

This strategy is similar to the one above, but in reverse. The idea here is to bet a smaller amount and let the bet multiplier go far, accepting the risk of the rocket exploding and losing your bet. By betting a smaller amount, you get more opportunities to place bets, so you can aim for a high value. With this strategy you lose more than you win, but when you win the amount you lose is covered in full or in part, you can make a profit.

martingale system

Use the Martingale system

The Martingale system is a popular betting strategy in casino games, particularly in roulette. This approach involves doubling your bet amount after a lost, and continuing to do so for subsequent bets. For instance, if you wagered R$1.00 and lost, your next bet should be R$2.00 in an attempt to recover the previous loss. If this fails, you would then bet R$4.00 on the next round, and so forth. While it is considered to be an effective strategy, it can also be risky, therefore it is advisable for players with more experience to employ it. 

How to play JetX in online casinos

Now that you know how to play Jet X, it's time to get down to business! To play you need to create an account and make a deposit at an online casino that has the game. See how to find and play JetX.

Choose your strategy and start playing

As we said above, you need to choose a good strategy in order to win. So get it right and look for the game in the casino.  Usually the JetX bet rocket game is in the popular section due to its fame. Here's how to find it:

Online casino lobby with a jetx game
  • Log in to your account.
  • Access the "Instant Games" section.
  • If you can't find it among the popular ones, filter by the game's developer, or search for the game's name in the search bar.
  • Once you've found it, click on the "Play" button to start playing for real money.
  • To place a wager, enter the amount you want to spend and click on the highlighted button to proceed.

Choose the right casino

SmartSoft Gaming offers JetX, which not only provides games but also ensures fair outcomes. You can access JetX at numerous reputable online casinos that collaborate with this developer:

All of these gambling online casinos are reliable platforms that operate in Brazil legally. So you can create an account, make a deposit and your personal details will be in safe.

Create your account

instructions for creating your account

Once you've chosen a casino, you'll need to create an account using your real details and follow the instructions:

  1. Visit the casino website.
  2. Look for the create an account option, usually located in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Fill in the information requested with your real details and set a password.
  4. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the field provided.
  5. Confirm your account creation.

This process is necessary to enter JetX, and may vary from casino to casino. We show you just the basic steps. You may also need to verify your account via email.

Make a deposit

Once you've created your account, you need to enter money on the site to start playing for real money. The process is easy.

The sites have many convenient and fast payment methods for players to deposit. See how to proceed below:

  • Log in to the site.
  • Go to the "Deposit" section.
  • Choose the method you wish to use
  • Fill in the information requested and enter the amount you want to add.
  • Confirm your request and make the payment.

The processing time depends on the payment method. Usually pix, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are instant, while traditional methods such as transfers can take a few hours or more. Check out the main payment methods and amounts in the table below.

Payment methodsMinimum deposit amountMaximum amount
Bank transferR$30,00R$100.000,00
Bank draftR$20,00R$50.000,00

These methods can change depending on the casino you choose, and when you make payments using the main methods above, you won't be charged fees and commissions.

You can place bets from R$0.10 up to R$100.00 and place up to two wagers per round.

Request a bonus

Deposit bonus and cashback
Deposit bonus up to 500% - Offer only available to new customers

The most popular is the introductory offer, typically doubling the initial deposit. However, there are additional offerings like the Jet X promotional code, bonuses on future deposits, and more. 

Promotional codes can be found in the casino's newsletter, on social media and on the casino's partner sites.

It is more challenging to come across no-deposit bonuses, which are typically given through a promo code without requiring any money deposits. However, these are harder to find and not all casinos provide them. 

To claim a bonus, you need to activate it before funding your account, usually casinos, see how to claim a Jetx bonus.

request a bonus
Advertisement offering an 'EXCLUSIVE BONUS' on your first deposit with a promo code '1XCOMPLETESPORTS.'
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the casino bonus section.
  3. Choose the promotion you want to take part in and activate it.
  4. Make a minimum deposit.

Whether it is the initial bonus for joining or a bonus for depositing money, once you have made the deposit and it is reflected in your account, the bonus will be added to your balance automatically. If this does not happen, please get in touch with the customer support at the casino. 

Withdraw your winnings

To close your bet, you can activate the automatic cashout when you reach a pre-determined amount. It makes the betting process easier as making cash out based on your defined strategy.

You have commenced your journey with Jet X and have already achieved a favorable financial outcome, excellent! Now, you have the opportunity to claim your earnings. Typically, in the majority of gambling establishments, it is mandatory to undergo an account verification process to ensure the accuracy of your provided information and confirm your age to be over 18 years.

Withdraw your winnings

As soon as the verification has been carried out, you can make withdrawals. Guide the instructions on how to make a refund request:

  • Log in to the site.
  • You can find the "Withdrawal" in your account in the deposits section.
  • Choose the method you want to use for the refund.
  • Fill in the required information and request the withdrawal.

The processing time for withdrawals at the majority of casinos is 24 hours and there are no charges or fees involved. However, it is advisable to contact the online casino where you have registered to gather more information. 

Additionally, in case you possess a bonus that is in use, it is unlikely that you can make a withdrawal. Primarily, you must satisfy the criteria of the bonus to convert the bonus credit into actual money or opt to renounce the bonus to withdraw funds. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the main withdrawal methods. 

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amount
Bank transferR$40,00R$50.000,00

Pros and cons

JetiX game has proven to be highly appealing and user-friendly. Furthermore, we have delineated the primary pros and cons you can expect to encounter. 

  • Innovative features
  • Available to install on smartphone with iOS and Android
  • Online casinos offer demo version
  • Available at the best online casinos
  • High chance of winning
  • Highly addictive
  • Real money required

Win real money playing JetiX

In JetX, it is feasible to earn actual cash, along with being an enjoyable and superb slot. You can locate the game in the top internet gambling establishments; however, they do vary, so make sure to select the one that suits you best. 

The game is also developed by a strong and well-respected company, which only makes the trustworthy game available in casinos. Play responsibly!


  1. What should I do when face with a problem in the game?

    If any issues occur, it is advisable to reach out to customer support. All gambling establishments provide a dedicated area for users to connect through live chat or email. 

  2. How long do the Jet X Game sessions last?

    Due to its high-speed nature, JetX is a game involving crashes and typically lasts for only a few minutes or even moments, depending on the location where the rocket detonates. 

  3. Can I play JetiX on my mobile phone?

    Certainly, it is possible to indulge in gaming on your smartphone. Typically, casinos provide applications tailored for both Android and iOS platforms, or alternatively, you can access the mobile-optimized version designed specifically for mobile devices. 

  4. How do I withdraw money from JetX Bet?

    In order to take out the funds, just proceed to the withdrawal area of the casino, provide the required details and input the desired withdrawal amount. It is necessary to have a verified account in order to initiate a withdrawal request. 

  5. Is JetX Bet reliable and fair?

    Indeed, the creation of JetX falls under the responsibility of SmartSoft Gaming, a reputable and esteemed organization within the realm of gambling. This company maintains the integrity of its game outcomes, exclusively distributing its games solely to reliable online casinos. 

  6. Is it possible to receive the welcome bonus for playing JetiX?

    Certainly, you can attain a greeting incentive for wagers on Jet X by simply triggering it prior to depositing funds into your account. Subsequently, once you have made a deposit, the incentive will be promptly added to your account. Don't forget to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions of the bonus before agreeing to it. 

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